Life Coaching

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Transform Your Life with Becky Shadid Life Coach

By choosing to work with a life coach, you’ve taken a step toward aligning with your full power and drastically transforming your life. This may involve gaining spiritual insight and awareness, deepening your personal relationships, achieving outstanding health and vitality, building your professional enterprise or maybe hearing yourself express your dreams out loud.

My approach offers a practical system that helps a person make the necessary shifts in their life to create a whole new future. I help to move lives from discontent – to hope – to a plan – to actualizing the life you want – to living on the path of Your Extraordinary life.
I’m here to help you create a life filled with passion, truth and peace of mind – a life that fulfills your deepest desires and exceeds even your definition of an extraordinary life.

Overcome Your Fears

We all have fears, phobias and limiting beliefs hidden away in our unconscious mind. This is 90% of our operating system. The other 10% of our consciousness is the part of our mind that is there to keep you safe but can also hold you back from creating that exceptional and extraordinary life you want to live.

We all have a vision of an abundant and purposeful life that we would like to lead. As your Professional Transformational Life Coach, I am here to help you pull this all together by using my degrees in Behavioral Therapy, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy and many other healing modalities, such as NLP and emotion release therapy.
I will help to determine what fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and/or other blocks are holding you back from your greatness. We will eliminate them, then move you forward towards your personalized and carefully devised plan to realize that vision to live your “best life."

Design Your Best Life

I am committed to co-creating a world of sustainability in peace, health and prosperity and helping you design a life that stops taking on other people's energy, detoxes heavy emotions and begins setting healthy boundaries.

This will help you reclaim your own personal power to its fullest and give you contentment, happiness and a richness of prosperity at all levels of your being - mind, body and soul.
This is my commitment to you. You will need to commit to me to do the work and go through the highs and lows to get you to that “best life” vision and experience the outcome of the pure joy of being your “best self." It is all possible. Let’s do this.