Becky Lynn Shadid - Certified Professional Coach and Hypnotherapist
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Trust A Certified Behavioral Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

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Learn how to Focus on Positive Thinking that will result into Taking Action for YOUR life that will lead YOU toward the Growth that will result in finding the Happiness YOU deserve to experience even in difficult times and in all areas of YOUR life.


Tapping Into Your Intuition

Discover more about intuition, how it relates to you, how to develop it further, and how to use it effectively. It will help you realize your unique potential, imagine new opportunities  and to create a life that feels energized and authentic.  FREE TODAY **Signing up here will also make you a member of this site to receive many more free offers as Becky creates sign up now. 




30 Days to Greater Self-Love

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Learning to love yourself to feel loved, lovable and enough is the most important lesson in creating the life that allows you the freedom to be you and to achieve the happiness you deserve. This course will help you get it all in perspective based on your own experiences to start this important journey in your own unique way.  Let the Love of You Begin!




Time Management and Procrastination Bundle

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Procrastination is a tough habit to overcome! Lucky for you, with this bundle you can put procrastination in your past and begin to move forward to creating the life you are meant to live and enjoy your journey to happiness. 


Life Coach

Becky Shadid Life Coach is here to help you improve your life in a variety of ways. Transform your lifestyle with the specialized assistance of an experienced, highly trained life coach


She is also a fully certified hypnotherapist and can use this unique skill to help create change in many areas of your life. From quitting smoking to better self-esteem, Becky is here to help.


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) involves the pathways of the brain and how it receives information. Becky uses NLP with clients to better aid them in kicking unwanted habits.

About Becky

Becky Shadid puts over 25 years of experience and training to work as a life coach, hypnotherapist and motivational speaker. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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Becky Shadid Life Coach



Trust a Certified Behavioral Life Coach and Hypnotherapist


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